Special Offers for Apartments in the SQ Mall Lahore

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SQ Mall Lahore

Buying from shopping malls and dwelling in mall apartments have emerged as a dire need of the time. It is well heard that an incoming project – SQ Mall Lahore & Apartments – in Bahria Town Lahore is going to change trends in shopping, living, eating and entertainment. The project has been planned according to
international standards of design, architecture, facilities, operations and maintenance. The project is solely controlled by Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders, which is a trusted name in real estate and
constructions for the last twenty years of untiring effort and commitment. Continue scrolling downwards to know more about seven-storey SQ-99 Mall & Apartments by Ali Saqlain, for which
ground-breaking ceremony is going to be held very soon.

Bigger Canvas Of SQ-99 Mall & Apartments

SQ-99 Mall & Apartments is emerging as an exceptional project in Bahria Town Lahore in terms of its spaciousness, number of retail shops, and quality of executive and studio apartments. Bookings in SQ-99 Mall &  Apartments are already open and the investors are taking due interest in the project. The first ever Electronic Parking System (EPS) for owners and tenants of the shops and apartments will put SQ-99 Mall & Apartments to the next level of convenience and peace of mind.

Comfy Executive And Studio Apartments

Constructed with love and attention, the project has two different categories of apartments. Ali Saqlain has taken every possible care to make its executive and studio apartments a worth-living place in terms of luxury, design, cost and convenience. “From fittings to fixtures and from sanitary to ceiling, every bit of these apartments will speak of diligence of Ali Saqlain’s architects???, responded the project manager when asked in an official get-together.

Differentiated Architectural Design And Amenities

It is a well-known fact that Bahria Town Lahore is trend maker not only in the field of housing solutions but in terms of sparkling designs, architecture and landscape too! SQ-99 Mall & Apartments has been planned to be upright with ultramodern design and architecture supposed to be eye-catching and durable. Think of the amenities; you will find everything in SQ-99 Mall & Apartments!

The Project Is Supposed To Attract More Visitors

It is being said that SQ-99 Mall & Apartments has everything to attract numerous visitors, more than ten thousand visitors daily. This number is quite sufficient to estimate the volume of commercial transactions which will be taking place as a routine matter in project’s mall portion. Thorough arrangements of the finest amenities, facilities, vigilance and high-speed elevators and lifts are enough to attract the most number of visitors.

A Beautiful Shop-Eat-Entertain Culture

The real estate experts have revealed that the management of SQ-99 Mall &  Apartments has allocated a floor for food court with panoramic view of Eiffel Tower. Thus, in near future, a beautiful blend of shop-eat-entertain culture is about to surpass current trends. An estate developer, while asked, responded that SQ-99 Mall &  Apartments will be offering a more streamlined shopping experience even in today’s high competition.

Another Lucrative Place For World-Class Brands

Mall’s management and the prospect investors are already in process of finalizing deals with the top brands in fashion, clothing, beauty, jewelry, shoes and more. SQ-99 Mall &  Apartments, being an elegant place, is going to brand all the brands under one roof.

Easiest Access From All Over Lahore

Located at Main Boulevard and connecting to Multan Road from one side and Lahore from three other sides, SQ-99 Mall & Apartments is just facing the famous Eiffel Tower. With the biggest parking lots, you will find Grand Mosque, Fuel Station, Cine Gold and many other landmarks in close proximity of SQ-99 Mall & Apartments.

A Safe Haven For Real Estate Investors

It is high time to buy shops in SQ-99 Mall &  Apartments and start dealing with some good brands for long-term tenancy contract for the project has potential to generate higher rent yield – PKR 700,000+ per annum. Buying a shop or an apartment in the mall for selling it later on for higher ROI is another safe option for genuine buyers.

How To Book

For booking in The SQ Mall Lahore, contact Friends Property Network. We provide you with better consultations for your real estate matters, being the authorized dealers. For further information, you can also visit our YouTube channel, where we regularly update to get to know about the new trends in the real estate market of Pakistan.

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